Making any significant decision requires precision and intentional analysis of the need and the solution. When you decide to spend money on a purchase or hire, there are several factors that you should put into consideration. First, you need to create a budget. A budget guides your spending process and ensures that you get the best possible deal for a reasonable price.

Then, you need to assess your needs and requirements. This will help you decide whether you want to hire a mini digger or purchase one. Understanding your needs will also guide you in determining the type, make and qualities to look for. The task at hand also informs the buying process. Also, consider the ease of operation, additional requirements such as permits to operate and insurance.

Questions to Ask Your Dealer

You should always be open and willing to seek expert advice on significant purchases. Getting a Melbourne based mini diggers for hire requires you to have information on several building blocks of the machine. Before you decide on which one to take, there are several things you need to confirm.

Always enquire on the post-purchase support. Your dealer should be able to provide support even after you have started using the mini digger. If they are not able to, they should refer you to a third-party who is tasked with this job function.

Inquire about the scheduled maintenance and how often you get it and the details on the replacement of specific parts of the mini digger. They should have a plan of acquisition and installation and should make it clear before purchase or hire. You should also be provided with a point of contact in case you encounter any unexpected hiccups.

The length of the warranty is a vital determiner on whether you will invest in a mini digger and at what capacity. Ensure that you get the warranty agreement in writing. If you are buying or hiring a used mini digger, go through previous service reports and establish the consistency.

Also, check the lifespan the mini digger is meant to serve you and how long it has been used. The dealer should provide you with an inspection report for both old and new machines and a compliance certificate with the standards of operation.


Things to Look Out For

Often, you might find yourself in a position of mistrust. Even with the providence of all the certificates and reports to indicate that the mini digger is in excellent condition, you might need extra confirmation.

If you do decide to check the machine for yourself, below are some pointers you should pay attention to;

  1. The undercarriage should not have rust or dents. Excessive evidence of repairs is a negative indication of the condition of the mini digger.
  2. Check the oil to determine how often the machine went through an oil change. Dark and thick oil indicate neglect.
  3. The cab should be able to cater to the operators’ needs. Test the air conditioner and heat to confirm functionality.
  4. Conduct a physical analysis of hydraulics, attachments, tracks, connection points and the overall structural integrity of the mini digger.


You might opt to take an expert with you to ensure everything is in line with the standards required for you to obtain operational permits. Take your time and do your research before making the purchase or hire.