The plastic of the bottles can be recycled in a creative way giving life to fashion and ecological jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Just get a little ‘patience, bottles of various colors (otherwise you can paint the jewels at the end with dye for plastic or modeling), scissors, candle, rings, clasps and honks from the ticket office.

How to proceed to create delicious earrings ? We cut pieces of plastic that do not need to be the same and pass them one by one on the flame of the lit candle, using pliers (otherwise we burn) to round the edges. On each piece we make a hole with the awl. In each hole we insert a 5 mm ring which we will close. We use three pieces with rings and we form a group of you by getting them together in another ring. At this point we insert a nun that goes into the earlobe, and we repeat the same operation for the other earring.

Do we prefer to wear bracelets? We use a metal chain and insert the three pieces into a small ring that we will hang directly in the rings of the chain to form a bracelet. Alternatively, we can use the plastic of the bottles by cutting them with the perforator with the shape of the heart or the flower: we will join them in sequence fixing each piece to the other with the usual rings.

We love necklaces ? We make flowers with the bottom of the bottles. We cut the bottom of the bottle to form the petals of a flower and round the edges with the candle flame. Then, as a pistil we fix with needle and thread of silk or nylon (suitable for threading pearls), a pearl in the center. We make a small hole with the awl at the top and insert a 5 mm ring: you just have to use it as a pendant ! We can color the edge of the petals with the color of the color of the bottle; if it is transparent we can use blue or light blue.