Four-wheel drive accessories are essential to experiencing optimal functionality, efficiency, and enjoyment from a four-wheel drive vehicle. However, before unraveling what four-wheel drive accessories have to offer, a brief reminder of what a four-wheel drive is will assist in understanding what the accessories are used for. Four-wheel drive refers to a vehicle that is on the larger side, typically a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), which has a selectable driving system that shifts the drive to work all four wheels mechanically. This feature gives the vehicle excellent traction for off-road driving. This article will highlight some four-wheel drive accessories and why they are key to incorporating on your adventures.


What four-wheel drive accessories are great for off-road

When taking your vehicle with a four-wheel drive off the road, it is ideal for incorporating accessories that will enhance the experience as well as increase the performance of your car. In turn, four-wheel drive accessories work great in preserving the life of certain parts on your vehicle. For example, mounting grille guards and off-road bumpers to the front of an off-road truck helps protect the face of the vehicle from getting damaged by stray flying rocks and gravel. And air intakes and air filters help your four-wheel drive balance air pressure within itself to deter air getting stuck in the gas tank and air pockets building up in engine passageways. Air getting trapped in these areas can be very inconvenient.


Additionally, having a mechanic that can help to maintain your vehicle is crucial. As wear and tear is added to the car, you will want a trusted person standing by to help keep the longevity of your vehicle. There are many that are quite capable of handing your four-wheel drive vehicle.

Here is a brief list of popular 4×4 accessories:

  • Tires

Buying tires fit for four-wheel drive use is imperative, especially when taking driving off-road. Most tire buyers find it easier to invest in all season tires to limit the expense and hassle of remembering which tires to install on the vehicle for each occasion. However, it is shown that tires made for one purpose is more adept at fulfilling that need. For example, a tire made for off-road includes great traction to combat things like mud, snow, gravel, and stones are more capable of handling off-roads than all season tires. In addition, purchasing accessories to compliment other accessories is done to achieve optimal performance For instance mud flaps can be used in conjunction with off-road tires to increase the performance of the tires and enhance the experience off the road.


  • Brakes & Rotors

Investing in brakes and rotors designed specifically for a four-wheel drive is essential for guaranteeing safety by preventing unintended mishaps. Such brakes are equipped for either gradual or sudden stops, while rotors let the driver maneuver the vehicle more precisely.  Also purchasing steerings will heighten the functionality of the brakes and rotors.


  • Cooling systems

Adding cooling systems to a four-wheel drive vehicle will help the car maintain and regulate a stable temperature by preventing overheating. Overheating causes engines to blow out and even results in other parts to work harder than needed leading them to exhaust and ultimately fail. Cooling systems will preserve the longevity of a four-wheel drive vehicle and protect against hefty expenses that may arise if vital components blow out or fail from being overworked.

Here are some cooling systems for four-wheel drives:

  1. Radiator Caps
  2. Cooling Fans
  3. Water Pumps
  4. Coolant Tanks
  5. Transmission Cooling
  6. Coolant Hoses