The perfect setting to spotlight your big event is to hire a temporary grandstand that can adjust to any type of terrain. This means that your special occasion will happen whether you want it in water, on mountain slopes or on other difficult sites.

Renting a temporary grandstand seating provides a cost-effective, safe, flexible, and sustainable seating for any situation.


Benefits provided by temporary grandstand seating


Building a grandstand to meet your specifications can be one of the most expensive investments in your lifetime. It may or may not be a sound investment in the long run.

Hiring an experienced grandstand contracting company with optimum grandstand systems offer the smartest solution for celebrating grandstanding occasions in any setting. Here are some of the benefits offered and provided by temporary grandstand seating companies:


Cost-effective solution

It cost less to set up quick mobile or modular grandstands than investing in one. Companies involved in the industry of hiring grandstand seating have highly-trained personnel to quickly set up a variety of grandstand panels, benches, and seats anywhere you want it.


Flexible grandstand seating for all occasions

An event with large audience participation needs grandstand seating that allows them to see what is happening. The right grandstand is set up based on the parameters of the event, the circumstances, and client requirements.

Some instances include company anniversaries that may need upholstered individual seats for a sitting grandstand or cultural events needing various function room seating.


Customised grandstands

There are events that need customised grandstands. Roofing needs are usually the natural demand to provide audiences protection from excessive rain and sun. You also have to know what grandstand seating is available. Whatever the seating need, partially covering or roofing the entire grandstand can be customised based on the requirements of the client.

Support-free roofing can also be requested to ensure spectator unobstructed view of the event.


Varied grandstand leasing, rental, and sales options

Is the grandstand system needed repeatedly or just for a few days? Do you wish to purchase or rent the grandstand? Grandstand contractors will only be too happy to work with you during the initial phase of the project. Analysing the benefits of the grandstand structure financially and economically are also services offered by grandstand contractors. Some options offered include:

  • Leasing
  • Rental
  • Purchase

Grandstand Extension or additional grandstands

A current grandstand might not be able to hold the number and noise level of fans. The unexpected double number of spectators can become a stressful situation for club representatives.

The flexible construction systems and careful planning from grandstand contractors will be able to increase the capacity of the current grandstand. The increased capacity can either be hired for a single match day, for the entire game season or for the next game season.


Services offered by grandstand contractors


Basically, the services offered by grandstand contractors include:

  • Temporary Stadium Seating, Stadium Extension
  • Curved or Linear-designed Grandstands
  • Event Seating
  • Modular Arenas
  • Grandstand Systems
  • Grandstand Extensions, Demountable Seating, and Additional Grandstands
  • Grandstand Rental
  • VIP Grandstand
  • Event Bleacher
  • Grandstand Sales
  • Grandstand Roofs, Covered Grandstands, and Grandstand Canopies


The perfect setting for any big event becomes possible by hiring grandstand contractors to set up temporary grandstands. Investing in a grandstand is no longer the top option when it’s more cost-effective to hire one.