and onsite techniques are the adopted land surveying processes to map and measure a predetermined area. The varied types of land surveys provide their benefits. Your particular project determines the type of land survey you need.

If it’s for mining purposes, hiring the services of mining surveyors is the obvious solution. However, hiring the services of environmental planning surveyors should also be considered.


Mining Survey

Scoping out possible mining locations and underground resources need the help of mining surveyors. The risk of mining sites that may not have resources is minimised with the use of surveying. Tunnel dimensions and mine information are also provided by mining surveys. The safety of the industry and the miners are greatly impacted by this crucial information.

The use of portable analysers often used by mining surveyors is crucial for determining the location and concentration of the most profitable ore bodies. This is because of the inconsistent nature of ore deposits. The use of mining instruments in ore assessment helps to manage activities of hauling, blasting, and excavation.

A sufficient return of investment is assured with the data collection of ore grade control. An optimum mining plan result with the use of the data collected. This helps to make excavation decisions using economical and efficient drilling.

Environmental Survey

The ever-changing environment and climate change make the environmental survey a crucial part of the mining survey. The assurance of making the lowest environmental impact is the reason behind the decision of mining companies and land developers to perform an environmental survey.

The mining becomes more geared towards an environmentally friendly and ethical way when an environmental survey is added to the services of a mining survey.

Mining operations become a concern for environmental compliance. Groundwater contamination and acid mine drainage are the results for the toxic waste produced by mining processes. This makes it doubly important to perform environmental surveys for mining businesses.


Other types of Mining Surveys

Other types of surveys are sometimes utilised for mining operations, to include:


Boundary or Cadastral Survey

Often referred to as boundary, cadastral surveys are performed to establish a property’s dimensions and boundaries. Landowners and property developers commonly use this survey to know the exact space they will be working on. Lawful land ownership is established by cadastral surveys, making it an important type of survey.

Construction Survey

Staking out structures such as utilities, roads, pipelines, walls, and buildings is the purpose of the construction survey. Large scale earthworks, high rises, and big subdivisions often use this type of survey. Using this type of survey in addition to a mining survey accurately determines floor slabs, grid marks, and footings.


Aerial Survey

Unmanned drones or manned planes are used to conduct aerial surveys which work well for large scale projects. Aerial surveys are commonly used for urban infrastructure, agricultural, and mining businesses. The great strides in technological advancements have made aerial surveys one of the most popular surveys performed for businesses such as mining and urban infrastructures.


More accurate information is provided for every type of land survey with the evolving technological advancements. The refined procedures brought to land surveying have also made the service affordable. Do you need mining surveyors or another type of surveyor? Make sure that you know the exact purpose and function of each surveyor to hire the best professional to fit your need.