Every person has a reason for setting or installing a security fencing in Melbourne. For this reason, you must determine the type of security fencing that will suit all your needs. For instance, if you love having a private home, you could have a solid security fencing. At times, the capital you have also dictated the type of security fencing you will afford in Melbourne. Another factor that also determines the type of security fencing you can install is whether you need permanent or temporary security fencing. For you to decide on the kind of security fencing available in Melbourne, you must know the features of all these security fencing. The following article describes the types of security fencing available in Melbourne.


Wooden hoarding

Wooden hoarding is one of security fencing that is used to conceal vacant properties and even the sites that are under construction. The security fencing is built by joining reinforced wooden boards and then joining them timber posts which have been set in concrete. The wooden hoarding is always very strong to the extent that they withstand pressure and are safe from any intruders. Most construction companies paint their wooden hoarding security fencing with the colour of the company so that they protect the public from any dangers that can occur in the construction site. This type of security fencing is usually installed temporarily but not permanently.


Timber security fencing

Timber security fencing is also known as the wooden security fencing. It is the cheapest and most affordable type of security fencing. Most people who install this kind of security fencing achieve both security and beauty of the compound that you are fencing. There are different types of timber security fencing that are installed by the experts in Melbourne. They include the log walling, rail fencing and also acoustic security fencing.


Chain link fencing

Chain link security fencing is one of the most flexible security fencings that are readily available in Melbourne. The chain link security fencing can either be fixed to concrete or metal. They are used to provide security in homes, farms or even in sports grounds. To make the place, you are securing safer; you can install barbed wire or razor wire on top of your chain link fencing.

Palisade security fencing

Heras fencing

Just like the wooden hoarding, heras security fencing is also temporary. It is also one of the easiest security fencings to set and also dismantle. Heras security fencing is used when the people in Melbourne want to protect the large crowds of people that may be attending a public event or even to prevent other people from crossing across any public land. The Heras fencing can either be hired or bought in the companies that provide security fencing services. The heras security fencing is available in two types depending on the security you require. You will get either medium duty or heavy duty heras fencing in the hardware or security fencing companies around Melbourne.


Metal hoarding

Do you have a place that you want to keep secure for a very long time? Metal hoarding is the best security fence that you should consider installing. This kind of security fencing is very durable and can also be reused. The metal hoarding can be painted to your desired colours. When installing it, you can either fit it to steel or timber depending on your choice.


Mesh panel fencing

Mesh panel security fencing provides minimal security. They are found in various colours like black, green, or even brown. They are very attractive, and this is why people love using them as perimeter fences. It is also one of the expensive security fences but long lasting.


Palisade fencing

Palisade security fencing is one of the best security fencing. It provides maximum security. It can be constructed in both hot and cold areas making the compound safe from thieves and vandals. No one can intrude any property if you erect security fencing like this because it has very sharp and pointed spikes making it very difficult to climb.