Whether a professional or a beginner arborist, there is a must-have equipment for you to carry out your duties effectively. While using arborist tools and equipment, one thing is key – versatility. Versatility means you can have one device or equipment knocking out numerous tasks.

If you are a beginner arborist, this guide will help you identify tools and equipment handy for your job. Consider shopping for these items before you go to the field. While shopping for all these tools to use out there, some enhance safety. For example, a throwball can improve your work while reducing a couple of things that could go wrong. In case the worst happens, you must be wearing protective equipment to minimize the impact. So, while ordering tools and arborist equipment, make sure you include PPEs.

What tools and equipment are a must-have for an arborist?

After extensive research over the internet, it is evident that it is hard to come by an article that lists the top tools and equipment an arborist must-have. This article discusses the leading tools and equipment an arborist must have to reduce the hassle many people go through when searching for these tools on the internet.

Rope wrench

This device has changed the way many arborists climb trees allowing for safety and efficiency. Rope wrench enables an arborist to incorporate redirects while working. It makes climbing trees easier and comfortable.

Throwball or throwline

Throwball is one of the essential tools an arborist must-have. It helps improve efficiency by saving you the need to climb up the tree and reduces the chances of things going wrong while trying to access a tree. It is an essential tool when setting up a rope wrench so that you can work your way up after establishing a point of the tie.

Chain saw

A chain saw is handy for an arborist during pruning or stumps removals. Its performance is unmatched, and it can help you perform at an electric speed. Although it is weighty, no saw exhibits high dependability as a chain saw. It works on multiple arborist projects, and whenever you become used to it, chances are, you might be tempted to use it for all your projects.

A Complete PPE set

From safety helmets, hearing protection, safety glasses to protective chainsaw chaps, you need them all while in the field. PPEs primary function is to reduce the impact on you in case of an accident. There is no going to the field without proper PPEs. Even the law has its input in ensuring suitable PPEs are used, and it is the same case for other risk activities that require stringent safety concerns.

Work position harness

Having a comfortable work position harness ensures you are comfortable carrying out activities atop of a tree without fear of falling. Apart from aiding an arborist in climbing trees, the work position harness gives back support, has leg loops and a rope bridge for comfortable pruning or whatever exercise you are carrying out atop the tree.

Universal hand saw

Having a tool that doubles as a handsaw and pruning saw is a blessing for an arborist. The universal handsaw helps cut small tree branches or have a tri-cut, and anything else you need to crosscut without hurting the tree.

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