Are you looking for a commercial microwave for your food service operation? This is especially handy because they offer a smart yet simple cooking method which not only saves time but also improves efficiency. The following are a few words of advice before you buy a commercial microwave.

Things to consider when investing in commercial microwave ovens

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a commercial microwave is to consider its wattage and usage level. These two are crucial because a higher wattage means that the microwave will work faster. Something which takes about a minute to cook in 1000 watt microwave would only be warmed in 12 to 15 seconds when used in a more powerful model. When you buy a commercial microwave you should make sure that you ask the supplier about the different options which are available to you. It is best to select the wattage level which corresponds with the output level. This means that you should consider the number of dishes that are required to be cooked in a day and then buy a microwave based on that data.

Varieties of microwaves to choose from

There are different models of microwaves available in the market. If you are looking for light duty microwaves these are about 1000 watch and good for an establishment which requires cooking only around 50 times or fewer a day. Individuals who generally own a small setup like a food station for making desserts for soups and beverages or breakfast bars can benefit from using a light duty microwave.

Medium duty microwave are of about 1200 to 2000 watts and can help increase the cooking speed. These are ideal for establishment which cook about 150 times or more per day. These are ideal to be used at convenience stores for heating sandwiches in snacks for any kind of frozen packages. This would also come in handy at Coffee shops or cafes where it is important to heat beverages and also produce a high volume of baked goodies. Microwave like these are also used in bakery to defrost frozen items or to melt the butter quickly.

Then come the heavy duty microwave which are more than 3000 Watts. These are quick to use and durable. These are built to handle the demands of a fast-paced restaurant or establishment. These can be easily used for up to 200 times or more per day. These microwaves are used in restaurants where it is important to have high speed and high volume for cooking and serving food. These may also be useful at cafeterias where it is necessary to continuously heat large portions of food and to reduce the wastage. Catering companies can also benefit from using high heavy duty microwave.

Another important factor when choosing a microwave is to consider its size. The inside cavity should be spacious enough to accommodate all the dishes and food items which you want to be served at a single time stop with the increase in what age the size of the microwave would increases while. However there are certain microwave ovens which might have a small cubic capacity so as to save space in a smaller establishment.

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